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Raft Wars

Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars is an enjoyable Flash minigame in which players go against the computer in an attempt to knock one another off of their rafts. Players win if they manage to knock all of the opponents off the platforms or deal enough damage to reduce their health bars to zero. On the flip side, the player loses if the enemy manages to take out all of the player’s characters.

Casual Gaming Fun at Raft Wars

Raft Wars 3 features fun animations and sounds that make the game enjoyable. It feels very casual and laid back while being challenging enough to keep your interest. It’s a turn based game which keeps the pressure low and allows you to leave it sitting at any time if you want to come back later. You play as Simon who is a little kid at the beach that comes across some strange enemies after finding buried treasure. As you progress in the game you’ll unlock more characters to join your crew such as your little brother and dog.

Increasing Your Arsenal in Raft Wars

The game offers rewards depending on your scores. Each round you earn credits that can be used to purchase upgrades and items. Upgrading your raft will make it larger and allow for more characters to join in so that the enemy has to hit you much more in order to defeat your raft. Players can also purchase grenades and missiles that do increased damage and hit in an explosive radius that has a higher chance of knocking enemy characters off their raft. These upgrades are only available in Raft Wars 3 as they are not accessible in the first two games in the series.

Raft Wars Conclusion

Raft Wars 3 is a nice game to sit back and play when you want something simple yet challenging. The characters and effects make the game quite fun. It’s available for free and once you finish the game you can submit your high score to see how you did compared to other players.